We are Jaegermeister’s Venture Capital Investment Unit. Our mission is to shape the future of nightlife by funding it.

Our Mission

We invest in consumer tech startups that are connected to the global nightlife & entertainment industry with the aim of bringing people together in real life.

At Best Nights VC

BNVC partners with passionate, diverse, innovative entrepreneurs that challenge conventional ideas of live entertainment by bridging the gap between culture and tech.


  • Realtainment

    [Berlin, GER] Realtainment is an experience-production-company, where people come together in real life to join one-night, life-changing "Create it yourself" social education experiences (artnight, bakenight, plant night)
  • Up.Co

    [London, UK] Up.co is a hospitality service platform, covering power bank rental and order & payment management solutions. Up.co aims to build UK‘s fastest mobile order to table and pay system.
  • Soundboks

    [Kopenhagen, DK] As a premium party lifestyle company, Soundboks builds the loudest, portable, and durable speaker for parties and more party equipment to enable Gen Z to party anytime anywhere.
  • Woov

    [Amsterdam, NL] The Woov Festival App offers a solution for Festivals to create their app without much effort, including map, chat, timetable and onsite payment function.
  • Flickplay

    [Los Angeles, US] Flickplay is a gamified video-sharing social app using gaming and AR content tools to power a new canvas for social storytelling - it‘s the map gamification of Pokemon Go meets the social features of TikTok.
  • Togather

    [London, UK] Togather (formerly Feast-it) build the one-stop event planning marketplace, connecting supplier and organizers to enable easy event creation.
  • Thursday

    [London, UK] Thursday dating app gives members the opportunity to match, chat, and date all in one day. A new solution to dating apps fatigue, the platform also offers offline membership events every Thursday.
  • Pool

    [Berlin, GER] POOL is a fashion rental company that is unlocking the unlimited access to an extended wardrobe in a sustainable way. They offer an online platform as well as unique cultural event spaces.
  • Xceed

    [Barcelona, ES] Xceed is on a mission to create a world where everyone can live extraordinary experiences by joining authentic music events and connecting with inspiring people.
  • Un:hurd

    [London, UK] un:hurd is on a mission to create a level playing field for independent artists. Their tech creates marketing insight from artists data, allowing for artists to run data-driven music marketing campaigns across the digital landscape.
  • 222

    [Los Angeles, US] 222 is a marketplace facilitating in-real-life social interactions within nightlife for GenZ. People get connected according to their interests and personalities to discover hyperlocal events and venues together while having a best night out.
  • Lex

    [New York, US] Lex is an LGBTQ+ social app focused on helping people make new friends and build local communities. Their vision is that every queer person in the world will use Lex to connect with both new and old friends.
  • TourHero

    [New York, US] TourHero helps everyone discover and go on unforgettable journeys. With a focus on experiential and immersive travel, every trip we create is unique and filled with memories that will last a lifetime.
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Investment focus

We enable others to blaze new trails in order to support open, inclusive and sustainable communities. Always being at the forefront of the action is the backbone of our brand.


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